First Sail


Wow! After four winters of building (and a little “race to finish” this spring and summer), I got my Coquina finished and went out for a shakedown sail on September 12, 2010. I made it - before the beginning of fall!

The boat sailed beautifully! Everything I had dreamed of, and more. With about 60 pounds of ballast bags under the floorboards she is a bit tender in a breeze, with me on board alone. Still, the heel was easy to control with letting the main out. I think for single-handing it will be better to double the ballast.

The rope steering worked very well. It is so much fun that I can sit anywhere in the boat and steer. I found that the boat self-steers once she settles in on a course, and adjusts when the wind changes. N.G. Herreshoff knew very well what he was doing.

I hope to sail a few more times on the lake and make final adjustments before it gets cold. Christening and launching into Long Island Sound will have to wait until next spring; something I’m much looking forward to.

Looking back, this was one satisfying project! I enjoyed every moment in my shop planning, thinking ahead about the next steps, building, looking at the boat slowly coming together, many times just daydreaming and wondering how she’ll sail. I still can’t believe I’m done and that I now own a unique and beautiful classic boat that I’ll thoroughly enjoy in the years to come.

I hope my experience and what I put onto this website will inspire other potential builders. Don’t ponder too long, go ahead and start. Getting started is the hardest, from then on I found it a lot t easier than I ever had thought.

Please let me know through the link below if you like what you see on the site, and how you come along with your boatbuilding project, and don’t hold back with questions either. I’ll be happy to help...

Happy building and great sailing!