After scarfing and gluing the plank plywood, the two 18’ x 4’ plywood sheets are placed one over the other and processed from then on together; all planks are mirror images and are scribed and cut together out of this stack of two plywood blanks. Before stacking, one sheet is turned  (not flipped) by 180 degrees, so that the scarfs of the two sheets alternate. This couple of 18’ x 4’ sheets is just unmanageable, so I cut these into three pieces, along the lines of the planks on the plan that came closest to the approximate 1/3 width that I needed.

Though it is tight and there is very little space between the centers of the planks on the plan, all planks can be cut out of the two 4’ wide sheets. At this stage, the location of all plank’s edges at each station is transferred to the plywood using a ruler.

All of this is done before setting up the molds, while the top of the ladder frame can still be used as a work surface.

Cutting the plank plywood