Building a 16’ 8” Lapstrake Catketch to

N. G. Herreshoff’s Coquina Design

Plans by Doug Hylan

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I started building in 2005, and the site is a record of the progress I made since. Doug Hylan sells detailed plans and a CD with more than 500 pictures and instructions, the best reference to go to for building. In favor of the doubt I put rather many pictures onto the site. Though this may look redundant to folks who browse more for entertainment, I think seeing the same items from many different perspectives may be helpful to other builders—of course, there are always several alternative ways to get the job done, and, being no professional builder, I learn while I go, and this is what you find on the site.

If you build a Coquina, please e-mail me at I’d like to know and share.

For helpful literature, check

  1. John Brooks & Ruth Ann Hill: How to Build Glued-Lapstrake Wooden Boats

  2. Greg Roessel: Building Small Boats

Both books are available at the WoodenBoat Store.

And don’t forget about Kathy Bray’s wonderful drawings of many wooden boats at

This Coquina thumbnail gives an idea about the beauty and accuracy of her artistic work; the original size print is truly amazing, as her prints of other boats:


For bronze hardware to N.G. Herreshoff specifications and in quality that matches the original, there is only one place to go to, Jim Reineck. He sells everything bronze one needs for a Coquina in a custom set and also has many more bronze items for other Herreshoff boats:

So, here’s my project:

Doug Hylan's Zephyr                                

D. N. Hylan & Associates

Setting-Up Shop                                       

Ladder Frame                                           

Finishing the Molds                                  

Scarfing and Gluing the Plywood            

Cutting the Plank Plywood                       

Setting up the Molds                                 

Transom, Stems and Mast Step              



Outer Keel and Skeg                                

Determining Plank Size                            

Hanging the Planks                                   

Beveling the Plank Laps                           

Planking Progress                                     


Filling Screw Holes and Sanding             

Painting the Outside of the Hull               

Laminated frames                                     

Centerboard and Trunk                            

Deck Beams                                              


Platform Beams                                         

Priming and Painting                                   

Cabin and Deck                                           

Cabin Sole Boards                                      


Hollow Main Mast, and Spars                    

Boom and Gaff Jaws                                  

Mizzen Mast Partner                                  

Side Decks and Brackets                           

Painting the Inside of the Hull                    

Finishing the Side Decks and Trim            



Thwart Brackets                                         



Varnishing the Spars and the Deck           

Out of the Workshop ,,,                              

First Sail                                                     

My Workshop                                             

Looking Back